Guinness Storehouse

Guinness in IrelandFor quite a lot of tourists coming to Dublin Guinness is a synonym for Dublin. Next to the whiskey Guinness is the national drink of the Irish people, and it is not hard to find pubs and restaurants serving these drinks as you walk around. But, if you would really like to get to know more about Guinness, and not just how it tastes, you better visit Guinness Storehouse.

Arthur Guinness is the man who founded Guinness in 1759. It started in the small, and today it has turned into the largest beer manufacturer in Europe. On the exhibition inside the Guinness Storehouse you will get to know more about the beer production, the facilities of the storehouse and many other details about Guinness.

In the storehouse you will follow the beer production from the selection of the ingredients, the process of brewing the beer, you can take a look at the working room of Arthur Guinness, see historical commercials for Guinness, get information about the consumption of Guinness outside Ireland and lots of other stuff. Of course you can get to taste some Guinness as well!

The entrance fee to the Guinness Storehouse is about 15 Euro for adults, but with a Dublin Pass you get free entrance.

If you want to have an ultimate taste experience at Guinness, join in on the following tour.

Guinness Storehouse information

Guinness Storehouse St James Gate, Dublin 8
Tlf: +353 1 453 8364
Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

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