Dublin Airport to Dublin

Airlink from Dublin Airport to DublinAlmost 20 million passengers arrive to Dublin Airport every year, which makes it by far the most popular airport in Ireland. The airport is located only 10km from the centre of Dublin, making it also one of the most central airports in Europe.

Dublin Airport is the seat of two airlines, Aer Lingus, RyanAir and Aer Arann. The airport has two terminals. Most short haul flights leave from terminal one, and most RyanAir flights also leave from this terminal.

If you want to get to the centre of Dublin from Dublin Airport, here are some suggestions on how to arrange that.

How to get from Dublin Airport to Dublin city center:

1) AirLink Express (747)
The AirLink stops outside both terminals and takes you directly to Dublin, stopping in important areas along the way. The one way ticket costs 6 Euro, but if you buy a day-pass, Dublin Pass or similar tickets these can be used on your transfer from the airport to the city centre. This bus ends at Heuston station (a large railway station)

2) AirCoach
AirCoach is another company taking you by bus from the airport to the city centre. You can find more information about their services at their webpage: http://www.aircoach.ie/

3) BusEireann
If you want to travel from Dublin Airport to other destinations in Ireland, Bus Eireann might be the best suggestion. Find more information at their webpage: http://www.buseireann.ie/

4) Taxi
Jump in a taxi outside the terminal and let them take you directly to your hotel. The price is normally around 25 Euro per taxi, but you should ask the driver about this.

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