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Private guided tour in DublinWould you like to get to know Dublin in a quick and effective way? Why not enjoy a private guided tour in Dublin which will give you an introduction to the city’s history and most important attractions.

On this private guided tour you will start from the Town Hall Square, by the Dame Street, next to Dublin Castle. The tour takes place on foot and during the 3 hours it lasts you will. During the trip you will get to see the most important sights and attractions of Dublin, and you might even drop by some museums.

This will serve as a very good introductory tour to Dublin, which means that you will get quite a lot of information from the guide, which again means that it is ideal for adults, young adults and families with older children. If you’d rather join in on a public guided tour, read more about such offers here.

Dublin private guided tour prices:
2-6 people: 170 Euro in total
7-10 people: 200 Euro in total
11-15 people: 240 Euro in total
16-20 people: 300 Euro in total

* as the booking is finalized we will send an invoice which needs to be paid for the booking to 100% finalized. The amount can be paid with Visa/MasterCard/PayPal..

Does it sound interesting? Would you like to book such a tour? Fill in the forms and book your private guided tour in Dublin today.

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