Trinity College

The most famous place for learning in Dublin and in Ireland is the Trinity College. This was founded in the 15th century, and among its famous students you can find names such as Jonathan Swift, William Congreve, Oliver Goldsmith, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and Samuel Beckett. Inside the Trinity College today visitors can enter into several buildings, and it is also possible to walk in the beautiful park inside the walls of the college. The most famous book in Ireland, Book of Kells, is located in the Old Library. The library can be visited by tourists, but an admission fee needs to be paid.

At once as you enter in the Trinity College area you will see the Campanile in front of you. The Campanile is 30 meters high and it was built in 1853. As you visit the area you can also drop by the Berkeley Library and the Douglas Hyde gallery, and several other interesting buildings.

Trinity College pictures

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