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Tram DublinAs a tourist in Dublin you will spend most of your time walking around on foot. The city is easy to get to know and the distances are not that big. But, when you are ready to use some public transportation, the bus is the most used tool for taking you from A to B in Dublin. As a tourist you might want to visit the tourist attractions, and for that the hop-on hop-off buses (read: guided tour) can serve you well.

Dublin Bus:

Dublin Bus is the company running nearly 200 buses in Dublin. It is quite hard to get smart on all the numbers of buses, but if you ask in the reception of your hotel you will get lots of help and advices on which buses to take to get to where you would like to go. When traveling with bus you need to enter into the bus in the front, and validate/show your ticket there. You can pay your ticket to the driver, but he will never be able to give you back, so try to bring the exact amount of money. When you reach your destination you leave the bus through the first door, saying good bye to the driver there.

Dublin Metro:

Two metro lines are planed in Dublin and they are currently working on these, but it has not yet to open. One of the lines is supposed to connect the city centre with Dublin Airport. As the metro opens we will get back with more information.

Dublin Tram:

Dublin had a tram between 1865 and 1959, but since then it has closed down. Today they have something very similar to trams, but they run under the name Luas. There are two lines operating currently between Tallaght and Connolly/The Point (Red Line) and between St. Stephen’s Green and Bride’s Glen (Green line). More lines are planed and will come within shortly

There are also trains and so-called DARTs running to and from Dublin. More information about those at our trains in Ireland page.

Public transportation prices in Dublin

Rambler 1 Day Adult €6.50
Rambler 3 Day Adult €14.20
Rambler 5 Day Adult €23.00
Rambler 30 Day Adult €115.00
* these can also be used taking you from Dublin Airport to the city centre using the AirLink buses

Bus prices

Stages 1 to 3 €1.40
Stages 4 to 7 €1.90
Stages 8 to 13 €2.15
Over 13 Stages €2.65
* When traveling with bus you pay fares depending on the distance you travel. The bus driver will know how many so-called stages you will pass by, and the fares are as follows:

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