Christ Church Cathedral

The Christ Church Cathedral is one of two medieval cathedrals in Dublin. The other one is the St Patricks Cathedral. Of the two churches, the Christ Church Cathedral is the older. A church was originally built on the current location in 1038. That church was destroyed by Richard de Clare, also known as Strongbow, who later on ordered the construction of a new church on the same spot. That was the foundation of the church as we see it today, which was laid in 1170. The church has been renovated several times, and last time they did some major work on the church was in the 19th century.

To get into the Church Church Cathedral you need to pay an entrance fee on app. 6 Euro. The church is open daily.

Christ Church Cathedral

8 High St Dublin 8, Co. Dublin
+353 1 677 8099

Christ Church Cathedral Dublin picture

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin

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