dublin marathon

Dublin Marathon

The Dublin Marathon is one of the leading marathon competitions in Europe. Does it sound tempting to run a full marathon while exploring the beautiful city of Dublin and conquering your own limitations and boundaries? Is this the year when you will run your first marathon? Or maybe you have a long marathon record, but you still haven’t been able to run the legendary Dublin Marathon? This is your chance!

Before you get too enthusiastic, you should start exercising already, but not anyone can register and partake in the marathon. To run in the marathon, you need to buy a lottery ticket (or more), and if you are among the lucky people to be picked, then you will be notified and you can send your final registration for the marathon. It is worth noticing that the lottery opens only a few weeks after the last marathon, so you need to be early to register for the marathon. If you read this article a few months before the Dublin Marathon, you are for sure late to register. You should then consider registering for some other marathon elsewhere in Europe instead.

Dublin Marathon 2024

Date: October 27
Website: https://irishlifedublinmarathon.ie/

There are several other running competitions in Dublin besides the main marathon. One of the most popular events is the half-marathon arranged in September every year. If you are out of luck and don’t “win” a place in the main marathon, then it is much easier to register and partake in the half-marathon in Dublin instead.

What is the route for the Dublin marathon?

Would you like to prepare for the marathon? Are you wondering where you will run if you decide to run the full marathon distance in Dublin? Here you have a map presenting the full route for the marathon in Dublin in 2023. It is normally an identical route every year, with some minor adjustments taking place (if needed). But, you will be able to find 100% exact information on the website for the marathon as you register for the event.

Route for the Dublin Marathon

As you can see, the marathon starts from Fitzwilliam Street Upper and the finish is at Merrion Square North.

How much does it cost to run the Dublin Marathon?

It is one of the most expensive marathons in Europe as the price is 110 euros in total. If you want to run in a European capital where the prices for participating are lower, you should consider running in Prague (in May), Krakow, or Budapest (autumn).

There is also a registration fee in addition to the marathon fee. Fortunately, this is only a couple of euros. But, since they are limiting the number of participants in the race, you need to pay this registration fee to be in the lottery for winning a place among the lucky participants in the race. In other words, you need to pay a lottery fee to have the chance to be one of the lucky runners in the Dublin Marathon. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will be notified by the Dublin marathon team.

Are there any other cool events happening in Dublin?

There are always fantastic things happening in the city of Dublin. You can read about the permanent attractions and activities in Dublin in our Dublin Guide. But, if you want information about temporary exhibitions, concerts, festivals, markets, or sports events, visit our Dublin calendar to find out what’s happening in Dublin.

Are there any good hotels with good prices in Dublin?

It is always convenient to live in the city center of Dublin. You don’t need to spend much time getting to the start line of the marathon, and you will have a short way back to the hotel after crossing the finish line. Later you can easily walk to popular areas such as the Temple Bar district, the shopping area, the beautiful parks, and of course, walk along the river.

Below you have a map presenting all sorts of accommodation options in Dublin. Next to each hotel, you will see a price estimation, making it easier to find a hotel or apartment that fits the size of your wallet.


The center of the map above is Dublin Castle, but you can easily scroll in other directions if you want to book a hotel or apartments in another area of Dublin instead.



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