Dublin Castle

The Castle of Dublin was for a long time the symbol of the reign of England in Ireland. In fact, it served this function for almost 700 years, until 1922. The castle was built on order of King John (from Robin Hood) and it quickly turned into a castle for the leaders of the city and country. Not only was it a place where leaders met, but it was also a symbol of power and control.

As the years went by, the castle changed and grew. Different rulers and leaders made additions and improvements. It became a center for important events and meetings. For a long time, it was the main residence of the English monarch’s representative in Ireland.

In the early 20th century, Ireland sought independence from British rule. Dublin Castle was handed over to the Irish government in 1922 as a part of this change. Since then, it has been used for various purposes, including hosting official events, ceremonies, and meetings.

Nowadays, Dublin Castle is a historical landmark and a popular place for tourists to visit. People can explore its different rooms, learn about its past, and enjoy the beautiful gardens surrounding it. It’s not a home for kings or rulers anymore, but it stands as a reminder of the long and fascinating history of Dublin and Ireland.

How can I visit Dublin Castle?

If you want to see Dublin Castle from the inside, you must buy an entrance ticket. This can be done on the spot, or you can buy it online in advance. The castle is open daily between 9:45 and 17:45, but you must arrive at least 45 minutes before it closes if you want to get in.

The entrance fees to Dublin Castle are as follows:

  • Adult Ticket: €8.00
  • Senior Ticket (60+): €6.00
  • Student Ticket (18+): €6.00
  • Child Ticket (12-17 yrs): €4.00
  • Child Ticket (under 12 yrs): €0.00
  • Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2-3 children): €20.00

Among the sites worth visiting we recommend: the Chester Beatty Library, the Viking Crypt, the nice park inside the castle area, the Bedford Tower, the Record Tower (the sole surviving tower of the medieval castle dating from 1228), and the Royal Chapel.

One of the most popular events in Dublin Castle is the annual Christmas market that is arranged in December.

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