Dollars and euros - Currency in IrelandIt is easy to get mixed up in currencies, specially when travelling to Great Britain. England is a EU member and so is Ireland, but still we have all heard about British Pounds, Sterling and Euro… what currency are they using where? First of all, the British Pounds and Sterling is the same currency, just two different names on the same baby. British Pounds are used in England, Scotland and in Northern Ireland.

But, when travelling to Ireland the currency changes, and in Ireland and in Dublin Euro is the currency to be used. These differences are useful to keep in mind, especially if you are on a day trip from Belfast to Dublin, or if you plan on travelling from Dublin to Belfast, or maybe from Dublin to Liverpool.

To get hold of Euro in Dublin, just use an ATM. If you would like to check how much your local currency is worth compared to the Euro, use the currency converter.

Currency Converter

Currency Calculator

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  1. Jean Fortier, Canada says:

    Everything is very confusing. I suggest you mention a date at the beginning of your text. Something like “as of today 03-August-2023, in Ireland from there to the north, we use pounds, and to the south, euro or what ever the case may be.

    We will be traveling to Dublin, Scotland anf London next year, and right now, I only plan to buy pounds.

    Thank you for your help and advise on the currency i should bring to Great Britain in 2024

    • Dublin Guide says:

      As long as Ireland is an EU country, the Euro is the official country of the country and that is the currency you must use in the country! Hope that helps. In other words, the GBP will not help you much as you leave Scotland and England and travel to Ireland, meaning that once you arrive in Ireland, you will either have to pay with card or change your GBP to Euro.

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