St Patricks Cathedral

On March 17th every year people where green in Ireland and in the States, and they all come together celebrating St Patricks day. But, who was really St. Patrick? For a longer study on St Patrick’s life, read our article named: ‘March 23rd – St. Patrick’s Day. But who was really St. Patrick?

According to the legend St Patrick baptized believers in a well located on the spot of the cathedral today. The original church was later built as a tree construction on this spot, and then in 1192 a stone church was built on the same location. Major reconstructions were made in the 13th century, and by 1270 it turned into a cathedral.

If you plan on visiting the St Patricks Cathedral, make sure to walk in the nice park next to it. From there you will get a beautiful view on the entire church, and you can also see the Minot’s Tower from the 14th century. The church has got an entrance fee around 6 Euro and is open for visitors every day of the year.

St Patricks Cathedral pictures

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