Temple Bar

Before you get to know Dublin you might think Temple Bar is a special bar located somewhere in Dublin. But, after some hours of walking you soon find out that Temple Bar is an area, and not just any kind of an area, a beautiful area on the southern part of the River Liffey. The Temple Bar district has shops, restaurants, pubs and lots of things going on, and it has a great atmosphere to it. Many people call this Dublin’s cultural quarter, and the Temple bar has kept many of its medieval streets, giving it a real authentic feeling.

If you visit the Temple Bar, we warmly recommend that you also visit the Food Market which is available every Saturday from 9.30 until afternoon. Here you can buy food, meat and other cool stuff, absolutely worth a visit!

The Temple Bar is not far from Dublin Castle, and located just next to River Liffey you can easily walk across some of the famous Dublin bridges such as the Millenium Bridge or the Ha’penny Bridge without really leaving the Temple Bar area.

Temple Bar pictures

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