Is it always raining in Dublin?

Is it always raining in Dublin?Is it always raining in Dublin?

If you have been to Dublin once or twice you might have the feeling that it is always raining in the Irish capital. But, if you wonder if it is always raining, that is a bit of an exaggeration. In fact there is an amount of 150-200 rain days in Dublin a year, and then a rain day is a day with more than 1mm of rain falling on a given day.

What makes the rain in Dublin so brutal is the fact that it often rains. You can never feel safe, because suddenly a shower is coming and then you have to get inside, or get wet. So, even the sunniest day can turn into a wet day within seconds, and that is why you should always be prepared for some showers as you walk the streets of Dublin.

You might consider the rain a calling for a lunch break or maybe for time to taste some Guinness in some pub somewhere.

Thank you anyway for the question and hope this question was kind of helpful and enjoyable for you to read!

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