The Beatyard in Dublin 214

The Beatyard

The Beatyard is one of the most popular events in Dublin, Ireland. The Beatyard is a festival including 10 days of clubbing, gigs, expos, films, talks, workshops and the best entertainments.
The Beatyard

It is the 10th time the festival will open its gates again. The main goal of the event is to bring music, media and culture together during the festival and create a new, exciting and great activities and experience. At the festival visitors will have the chance to experience the life and night life of Dublin they have never before. The festival attracts more and more people every year from all over the world and it is one of the most popular events in Dublin. At the festival the two beloved venues of the city is The Twisted Pepper and The Bernard Shaw. The 10 days long festival takes place at different points of the city such as The Sugar Club, The Grand Social, Workman’s Club, Whelan’s and so on. The Beatyard festival takes place in Dublin, Ireland from 16th October 2014 until 26th October 2014. The pass for the festival starts from 5 euros to 22.50 euros.

If you want to know more information on the festival check the official site.

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