Justin Bieber concert in Dublin 2017

Justin Bieber concert in Dublin 2017

Justin Bieber performed in Dublin in 2016 and in 2017 he will return. On June 21st at RDS it is time for a fantastic Justin Bieber concert in Dublin. Are you gonna be there?

There are few artists enjoying such a popularity as Justin Bieber in the world today. Justin Bieber is currently out touring and he will do so throughout all of 2017. He will not do many concerts in Europe, so if you want to hear and see Justin Bieber in Europe in 2017 then this is one of your few chances to do so. You can buy tickets for this and the other Justin Bieber concerts in Europe using the link further down.

Justin Bieber is an amazing star whose talent was discovered by someone watching his videos on YouTube. Since then his career has taken off and today he is a super star all across the world. He will however not be the only star traveling Europe this summer. He will have to compete with artists such as Coldplay, U2 and Guns N Roses who will also be touring Europe during the summer months June and July. We would probably rather enjoy a Coldplay concert or a U2 concert compared to a Justin Bieber concert, but if your big star is Justin Bieber, then use this chance to listen to him live in Dublin.

Justin Bieber concert in Dublin 2017

Justin Bieber live in Dublin 2017

RDS Arena
June 21st, 18.30

Tickets: Viagogo

If you do not want to listen to Justin Bieber in Dublin then you could also consider visiting London to listen to him there. He will perform in Hyde Park in London on July 2nd, so that will for sure be one crazy concert as well.

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