How much time does it take to drive from Dublin to Belfast?

I am considering a day trip to Belfast from Dublin. How much time does it take to drive from Dublin to Belfast? Is it worth the trip?

If you have never been to Belfast before, then the city is for sure worth a day trip from Dublin. It is the beautiful capital in Northern Ireland, and it has a very nice atmosphere that makes it ideal for a day trip. But, how long time will it take you to drive from Dublin to Belfast?

The city of Belfast on a day trip from Dublin
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Driving from Dublin to Belfast

If you take the quickest road between the two capitals, then you will cover a distance of approximately 170km/105 miles. Based on the roads this is a distance you should be able to cover in about two hours, exactly the same speed as most trains traveling between the cities do. It should be mentioned that the train stations in both Dublin and Belfast are centrally located, so if you want less stress, then using the railway could be a good option.

The main road leading to Belfast from Dublin travels almost along the ocean, and you will drive close to cities such as Drogheda, Dundalk and Lisburn before you arrive to Belfast.

What are you gonna do in Belfast? You can find quite a lot of suggestions for nice programs, activities and attractions in the Belfast Guide.

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