Finally, we are updating the Dublin Guide again…

COVID-19 caused a setback for tourism all around the world. We had a setback as well, and if you look at the time of our last blog post, you will see that we were quite slow to produce content also the last two years before COVID. But, now we are back again!

Today, we have updated lots of our articles. We had quite a lot of broken links here and there. As a result, we have spent lots of time updating broken links and we have also tried to update some outdated information.

We have also added information about some upcoming events in Dublin, including the annual Christmas market at Dublin Castle. Besides information about the Christmas market, we have also created some other events for our events calendar. Take a look at all of it and thank you for dropping by our Dublin Guide.

Dublin Christmas market 2023

It might not be the biggest or the best Christmas market in Europe. But, at least it is a Christmas market. There are normally several Christmas markets arranged in Dublin, but the only one you can trust will surely arrive is the one arranged in Dublin Castle.

The Christmas market in Dublin Castle isn’t the biggest you have ever seen. But, it is arranged in a beautiful environment, and you will find lots of stalls where you can buy snacks that will make you feel good. The Christmas market is beautifully decorated, the most famous in Dublin, even though it was only born in 2019.9

There are a few other Christmas markets in Dublin, but it is hard to know exactly where they are and when they will open. The most famous is Mistletown Dublin. This market is arranged in a fruit and vegetable market in the seventh district of Dublin.

Dublin Castle Christmas Market 2023

December 6 – December 19.

The Christmas market is open daily between 12:00 and 21:00. We are promised about 25 stalls where you can buy products to eat and bring home as souvenirs, and there will also be a vintage carousel on site for the children. If you are hungry, the stalls are perfect for buying crepes, sweet churros, pizza, hamburgers, and other snacks.

Dates for the Christmas market in earlier years.

  • Dublin Castle Christmas Market 2022: December 8th – December 21st

Where to live near the Christmas market in Dublin?

The ideal place to live is near the Christmas market, close to Dublin Castle. This is a great idea, not only during the Christmas season, but also during the rest of the year. Why is that? If you live near Dublin Castle, it means that you are living in the center of Dublin, close to the Temple Bar District, and other central areas in Dublin. This is ideal for any tourist who wants to discover and explore Dublin for a couple of days.

Look at the map below to see different hotels and apartments close to Dublin Castle. Most of them have price estimations as well, meaning that you can find accommodation close to Dublin Castle that suits your requirements and financial situation at the same time.


We hope the map above will help you find a place to live during your trip to Dublin.

Some pictures from the Christmas market by Dublin Castle.

Mistletown Dublin

Mistletown is a Christmas market located at the “City Fruit and Veg Market.” If you come by car, it is possible to park near the market, but if you are unable to find a parking lot, you can try by “Jervis Street Car Park” or “Jervis Shopping Centre Car Park” only five minutes from the Christmas market.

It is free to enter the Christmas market which normally opens on the first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in December. It is later open from Wednesday to Sunday, until the last week before Christmas when it is open every day. This is the normal procedure, but it might change. Below you can see the exact dates for this Christmas market.

Mistletown Dublin dates 2023:

Unfortunately, there will be no Mistletown in Dublin in 2023.

They could have chosen a better color combination for this message, but even sadder is the fact that there will be no Mistletown in Dublin in 2023.

The arrangers hope that Mistletown will return to Dublin in 2024, but we cannot promise anything yet.

Christmas markets in Dublin 2016

Are you planning a trip to Dublin before Christmas? Want to visit a beautiful Christmas market in Dublin? Find dates for the Dublin Christmas markets and more.

The dates for the annual Christmas markets in Dublin have not been published and made official yet at the time writing. But, do not despair, but read on, because maybe by the time you actually read this article, the dates have been made official and we will have updated this article.

You will find the Dublin Christmas market dates further down, but first a few words about the different Christmas markets in Dublin!

The different Christmas markets in Dublin

I BELIEVE™ Christmas Tree and Village

This is a village by itself. Here you can find a magnificent Christmas tree and this is officially called a Winter Food, Drink, Craft and Horticulture Festival. It takes place in the Custom House quarter of Dublin which includes the George’s Dock, The chq Building and the surrounding area.

This is where the iBelieve Christmas fair takes place

Dates for the Christmas Village in Dublin 2016: not announced yet

Christmas market at St. Stephen’s Green

This was a beautiful Christmas market with a very short history. Unfortunately this ended in 2014, meaning that is wasn’t arranged in 2015 and it will not be arranged in 2016 either.

If you want to visit a Christmas market in Dublin in 2016 we therefore suggest that you visit the Christmas Tree and Village!

Christmas Market in Dublin 2015

Night view of Temple Bar Street in Dublin, IrelandThe annual Christmas markets will be soon back in Dublin so in this article we will write about the best Christmas fairs in the city.

In the capital city of Ireland plenty of Christmas fairs will open from the end of November and the beginning of December. The Christmas fairs are definitely the best places if you want to get into the holiday spirit, if you want to buy the best presents for your loved ones and if you want to have a good time during shopping.

One of the largest and most popular Christmas market in the city is the I BELIEVE Dublin´s Iconic Christmas Tree & Village. The Christmas Village will give you the true spirit of Christmas, this part of the city will transform into a small village where you can buy the best presents including agricultural products and the typical Irish beverages and dishes will be also represented. The Christmas Village will open its gates from 26th November 2015 to 23rd December 2015.

Another popular Christmas fair – the National Crafts & Design Fair- will be open from 2nd December to 6th December 2015, at the fair over 500 designers and artists will offer the most unique and hand made presents, here you can definitely buy all your Christmas presents at once, the fair is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening and at the weekend is open from 10 to 7 in the evening.

There will be other Christmas markets in Dublin apart from these two but the dates of the fairs are not scheduled yet. If you want to know more on the Christmas markets in Dublin just check the following site.

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