Florence and the Machine Dublin 2012

12 days before Christmas a wonderful pre-Christmas present will come to Dublin. It is not free Guinness to all its visitors, but Florence and the Machine, the very popular indie rock band from London, formed in 2007. The band released its first album in 2009 and named it Lungs. Since then they have been touring large parts of the world, and only a few months ago they were touring a whole lot of European cities, and now they are back out touring again.

The concert in Dublin will be arranged in the O2 Arena, one of the most popular concert venues in the entire world, so if you want to visit Dublin and check out this arena at the same time, this is a great chance to do so. While in Dublin, you should not miss out on the cool pub crawl we have available to our guests, and if you look for good hotels or restaurants, read our recommendations and thoughts in our Dublin Guide.

If you want tickets for the Florence and the Machine concert in Dublin, then you can use the links further down on this page. The prices vary quite a bit between the different pages, so make sure to check out all of them, and order your ticket from the one with the best offer for you and all the friends you plan on checking out the concert together with.

Enjoy the Florence and the Machine concert in Ireland and Dublin in December 2012!

Florence and the Machine Dublin 2012

O2 Arena
December 12th

Tickets: Viagogo – WorldTicketShop – Seatwave.com

Florence and the Machine concert Dublin

Andre Rieu Dublin 2012

Andre Rieu concert in DublinOnly 15 days before Christmas Eve Andre Rieu will come to O2 Dublin. This will be a wonderful classical concert with atmosphere, humor and a great musician, Andre Rieu. This will be one of the last stops on his tour in Europe and the World in 2012, so if you want to be there to listen and enjoy, then you can order your Andre Rieu tickets online today from for example Seatwave.

Andre Rieu comes from the Netherlands, he was born in 1949 and though many would think that he comes from Vienna, he really comes from Holland. To see him live, order your tickets today!

Andre Rieu Dublin

O2 Arena
December 9th

Tickets: Seatwave.com – WorldTicketShop

A few weeks before he comes to Dublin he will do some concerts in Brussels and Antwerpen. For more information about these concerts, click the links of the city names.