Dublin Christmas market 2023

It might not be the biggest or the best Christmas market in Europe. But, at least it is a Christmas market. There are normally several Christmas markets arranged in Dublin, but the only one you can trust will surely arrive is the one arranged in Dublin Castle.

The Christmas market in Dublin Castle isn’t the biggest you have ever seen. But, it is arranged in a beautiful environment, and you will find lots of stalls where you can buy snacks that will make you feel good. The Christmas market is beautifully decorated, the most famous in Dublin, even though it was only born in 2019.

There are a few other Christmas markets in Dublin, but it is hard to know exactly where they are and when they will open. The most famous is Mistletown Dublin. This market is arranged in a fruit and vegetable market in the seventh district of Dublin.

Dublin Castle Christmas market 2023

The dates for the 2023 Christmas market are not announced yet.
Dublin Castle

Dates for the Christmas market in earlier years.

  • Dublin Caste Christmas market 2022: December 8th – December 21st