Watch the Cricket World Cup without a SKY subscription!

Cricket World CupI am a big cricket fan and really want to watch the World Cup in Cricket online, but I do not have a Sky subscription. Is there any way in which I can watch the Cricket World Cup anyway online, maybe in a cheaper way?

The cheapest way to watch the Cricket World Cup online is probably to watch it on Indian television with English commentators. Star Sports will broadcast from the Cricket World Cup and if you get yourself an Indian IP address which you can easily get using the VPN services of PureVPN, you can in fact pay a fee of less than 2 Euro and it will give you the rights to watch all matches from the Cricket World Cup online at once.

There are quite a lot to say on the matter, but after the good start the Irish team got, we believe thousands of people will want to watch the rest of the Cricket World Cup matches online, and you can read a more thorough article on the subject of the Cricket World Cup online at the

Good luck and go Ireland, that is the most important.

And do not forget that if you first get yourself a VPN subscription to PureVPN you can use it for so much more, watching Netflix all across the world, and even better… if you use a few Euro more you can get the rights to watch all Premier League matches online at Star Sports in India as well!

Upcoming Ireland matches

February 25th: United Arab Emirates
March 3rd: Saudi Arabia
March 7th: Zimbabwe
March 10th: India
March 15th: Pakistan

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