From Amulet to Zodiac

Chester BeattyThis exhibition in the Chester Beatty Library shows a wide collection of different and various objects from different cultures from the Western, Islamic and East Asian cultures.

The exhibition can be seen in the heart of Dublin at the Chester Beatty Library from this year until the beginning of next year. The collection of the library is divided in two parts, the Sacred Traditions and the Artistic Traditions but both of them display drawings, paintings, prints, rare books and so on from the different cultures. At the exhibition you can discover more on this unique and special collection of objects from the 17th century to the 19th century. At the exhibition visitors also have the chance to discover more on the life and the cultural differences across the world. At the exhibition you can also explore on the very first printed travel books a guide to “the most famous islands of the world”. The exhibition Chester Beatty’s A to Z: from Amulet to Zodiac takes place at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland. The exhibition is held from 11th July in 2014 until 1st February in 2015.

Chester Beatty Library
Dublin Castle, Dublin 2, Ireland

If you want to know more on the exhibition and the museum check the official site for more information.

Lines of Vision – Dublin Exhibition

Lines of VisionThis exhibition will take place in the National Gallery of Ireland. The museum is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and in this occasion the museum asked some Irish writers to get inspired by the collection of the gallery.

The museum asked 56 Irish writers to find inspiration in the paitings and explore and explain their feelings about art through the selected art work. The exhibition Lines of Vision: Irish Writers on Art is an illustrated anthology of the new stories, essays and poems. The Irish writers were asked to choose a picture from the collection to explore about love, dreams, family, loss, privacy, places and memory. The exhibition will presents all the paintings chosen by the 56 Irish artists and the most famous European painters and their art works such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet and Bonnard and some of the best Irish painters as well such as James Arthur O’Connor, Paul Henry, Jack B. Yeats, Mary Swanzy and Gerard Dillon. The Lines of Vision: Irish Writers on Art will be seen in Dublin at National Gallery of Ireland. The exhibition will take place from 8th October 2014 until 12th April 2015.

For more information on the exhibition check the official site.

For information on other stuff going on in Dublin, check out the Dublin events calendar.

Night Market in Temple Bar area

Temple Bar Night MarketSomething new has come alive in Dublin this summer. The Temple Bar Night Market was first arranged in June, then in July and soon the August market is coming up.

Officially the night market in the Temple Bar area is named a craft market, live street art and music market. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It doesn’t only sound good, but it is amazing, and if you are in Dublin on August 8th when the next night market is arranged, you better head for the Temple Bar area and check out this market.

Some of the streets in which you can experience the market are Angelsea Steet, Temple Lane South and East Essex Street. In these streets you can see real live painting, you can buy art, you can listen to cool music and enjoy the company of thousands of others out there to see what is going on at the market.

If you wonder what the Night Market in the Temple Bar district is like, take a look at this following video from the YouTube.

Temple Bar Night Market video

See you on August 8th then in the Temple Bar area. Until then, all the best!

Natural History Museum – museum information

Maybe not everybody knows, but the Irish National Museum has four different parts, and they located in four different places of the country. Three for them located in the capital, Dublin, and one institute is in County Mayo, in the west side of the country. In this article we want to introduce the Natural History Museumpart, which is in Dublin.

It is sure; everybody heard about that Ireland is the Green Country. Those, who travel here, notice why. If you like nature and interested in the fauna and flora, than it could be a great program opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum, where you can find everything about the Irish fauna, bird population, the underwater world and the mammals of the world more thousand years ago. It could be a great family program too, because every child wants to know everything about animals, which lived or live now in Ireland. The museum located near to the central city, so it is very easy to getting there.

Organize a lovely holiday to the capital of Ireland, the wonderful Dublin with your family, friends or love, walk around the attractions of the city, and do not miss the buildings of the National Museum, especially those, which you can find in Dublin, like the Natural History Museum. Know more about the Irish animals, including the giant deer, which skeleton is seen in the museum. Great program opportunity, have a great time for it!