Night Market in Temple Bar area

Temple Bar Night MarketSomething new has come alive in Dublin this summer. The Temple Bar Night Market was first arranged in June, then in July and soon the August market is coming up.

Officially the night market in the Temple Bar area is named a craft market, live street art and music market. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It doesn’t only sound good, but it is amazing, and if you are in Dublin on August 8th when the next night market is arranged, you better head for the Temple Bar area and check out this market.

Some of the streets in which you can experience the market are Angelsea Steet, Temple Lane South and East Essex Street. In these streets you can see real live painting, you can buy art, you can listen to cool music and enjoy the company of thousands of others out there to see what is going on at the market.

If you wonder what the Night Market in the Temple Bar district is like, take a look at this following video from the YouTube.

Temple Bar Night Market video

See you on August 8th then in the Temple Bar area. Until then, all the best!