Painting exhibition in the Chester Beatty Library

If somebody visit to the capital of Ireland, Dublin, it is a must see program visit to Chester Beatty Library, which is offered by most guidebooks and tourist websites.

The Chester Beatty Library opened first in 1950, Dublin, to give place to the collection of its denominator, Sir Chester Beatty. Sir Beatty acquired his property and name as a mining magnate. The today library opened in Dublin Castle in 2000 to celebrate Sir Beatty’s 125th birthday.

The library displays lauds of books, paintings, miniatures and other expensive objects from Islam, East-Asian and Western collections. The exhibited treasures’ one part is sacred traditions, the other is artistic traditions. The library often gives place to temporary exhibitions, like the painting exhibition, which from Sir Chester Beatty’s own collection from the 19th century and includes thirty amazing masterpieces.

The exhibition is opened since 7 September 2012 until 31 August 2013. Because the visitation of Chester Beatty Library is required program, it could be the perfect occasion to see these beautiful painting while you are in Ireland.

Do not miss this eye-catching exhibition! Organize an enjoyable long-weekend to Dublin with your family or friends, walk around the Irish capital’s most beautiful attractions, including the Chester Beatty Library, where you can see more interesting thing, than this French painting exhibition!

Painting Exhibition in the Chester Beatty Library
September 7th, 2012 – August 31st, 2013

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