Robbie Williams concert Dublin 2017

Robbie Williams concert
Robbie Williams concert in Dublin

Robbie Williams will come to Dublin on June 17th. He will perform at the magnificent Aviva Stadium, and there are Robbie Williams tickets available if you are interested!

This summer is going to be a quite amazing summer in Dublin. Robbie Williams will perform on June 17th, a few days later Justin Bieber will come to Dublin, and then we have both Coldplay and U2 coming to perform in Dublin in July 2017. Isn’t Dublin a city you just have to visit sometime during the summer of 2017?

Robbie Williams will tour with his new album The Heavy Entertainment Show, and it will for sure be heavy entertainment as Robbie Williams comes to Dublin. He will visit tons of cities all across Europe this summer, and after his stay in Dublin he will travel back to England where he will perform in Cardiff (Wales) and in London. After that he will travel to Germany and then on to big cities all across central Europe.

Robbie Williams Dublin 2017

Aviva Stadium
June 17th, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

For those who want to be there at one of the Robbie Williams concerts across Europe, use the ticket link beneath to get hold of tickets. Simply visit the site, do a search for Robbie Williams and you will find tickets for all the Robbie Williams across Europe right away.

RoI vs Georgia

On Monday, the seventh of September, the Republic of Ireland will play against Georgia at Aviva Stadium in Dublin. If you have your tickets in order, then you should of course enjoy the match there, but if you can not visit the Aviva Stadium for this match, then you can watch the match online instead.

If you want to watch Ireland vs Georgia online, then that can be done easily as Sky Sports will broadcast the match live online. To watch Sky Sports online you will need to visit and sign up for their sports package. This will give you access to the Sky Sports live streams and you can thus not only watch Ireland vs Georgia, but lots of other Euro 2016 qualification matches and even Premier League matches. There is one slight problem and that is if you live outside the UK, because NOW TV is only available to people in the UK. To solve this problem visit to find out how you can watch NOW TV from abroad (and thus watch Sky Sports from abroad)!

Go Ireland and let us beat Georgia and get three points in this match!

Ireland vs Germany

On October 8th it is time for an incredible football match in Ireland and in Dublin. The match will start at 20.45 and it will be played at Aviva Stadium. In this match Ireland will probably need three points and the opponent is no other team than Germany themselves.

Ireland vs Germany

For Ireland to be able to grab points in this match they will for sure need you cheering at the stadium, so go ahead and grab hold of  your tickets if you want to be there at the match to watch. Ireland is at the time of writing not doing so good in group D in the Euro 2016 qualification stage, but if they manage to get six points in their September matches (against Gibraltar and Georgia) things will look much brighter before their last two matches in the group stage which will be against Germany on October 8th and against Poland on October 11th. Those are two brutal last matches, but hopefully the Irish lads will make it to the Euro 2016. Let us cheer for them and if you have the chance, visit the Aviva Stadium and watch the match yourself!

If you want to know more about German football, then we recommend that you visit where you can find out more about the different teams, and of course find out how you can watch the German Bundesliga online.

To be honest, most German players do play abroad, but their are still lots of them still playing the the Bundesliga for teams such as Bayern Munchen and Borussia Dortmund, so enjoy watching and go Ireland on October 8th!