Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin

2016 will be a fantastic concert year in Dublin and in there will be two Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin? Want to be there? Bruce Springsteen tickets and more!

Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin
Do not miss out on Bruce Springsteen and his two concerts in Dublin!

Croke Park is the place on May 27th and May 29th are the dates for the Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin. They are among the hottest concerts to be arranged in Dublin in 2016, maybe together with the Beyonce concerts and the Justin Bieber concert. Not only are the Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin among the coolest concerts in Dublin in 2016, they are for sure among the most expensive concerts as well. Some people have complained about the Bruce Springsteen ticket prices, but if you really want to hear him, you will have to pay.

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We wish you a very pleasant stay in Dublin and hope you will enjoy one or both of the Bruce Springsteen concerts. If you have time left, make sure to join in on a pub crawl, visit the Guinness Storehouse and read about and take a look at all the cool attractions in Dublin while in town.