Coldplay concert in Dublin

At July 8th in 2017 it is time for a Coldplay concert at Croke Park in Dublin. Are you among the Coldplay fans in Dublin that will be there at the concert?

Dublin will be a city of great concerts in 2017. Not only will Coldplay perform at Croke Park on July 8th in 2017, but exactly two weeks later another great band will come to the same venue. The great band is not Rolling Stones and it is not Iron Maiden, but U2. So, in this period there will be some fantastic events taking place in Dublin. Which concert will you consider to be the highlight of the year in Dublin? Since you are reading this article it might be that Coldplay is your favorite band, and right now you are wondering whether or not you can get hold of some tickets for the Coldplay concert in Dublin on July 8th? Luckily there are tickets available, but they are second hand and might be a bit expensive. But, if you have to be there at the concert, then you at least have got a chance!

Coldplay concert in Dublin on July 8th in 2017
Coldplay concert in Dublin on July 8th in 2017

After the Coldplay concert in Dublin the band will travel on to Cardiff to do two concerts there. After their stay in Cardiff Coldplay will travel to Paris and France and in Paris they will perform three events at the Stade de France. That for sure will be great, but we would of course recommend listening to Coldplay at Croke Park in Dublin instead.

Coldplay concert in Dublin 2017

Croke Park
July 8th, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Press the link above to get tickets for the Coldplay concert in Dublin or one of the other Coldplay concerts in Europe in 2017. You can read more about other attractions, sights and activities in Dublin here in our Dublin Guide. We hope you will enjoy the Coldplay concert in Dublin and whatever you decide to do in addition to that in Dublin!

U2 Concert in Dublin 2017

On July 22nd it is time for a fantastic concert event in Dublin. U2 and Bono will come to Croke Park Stadium in Dublin to perform. Are you going to be there at the U2 concert in Dublin in 2017?

If you take a look at the list of cities that U2 will visit in 2017 you will be surprised to see that not so many European cities can be found on the list. U2 will of course visit cities such as London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Brussels, but except from those there are very few cities on the list. As a consequence we are really lucky to have U2 come to Dublin, meaning that you should really use this opportunity to watch them live in 2017 if you have the chance and the money!

U2 concert in Dublin 2017

Croke Park Stadium
July 22nd, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

U2 concert
U2 concert coming up in Dublin in 2017

The U2 tour in 2017 is called the Joshua Tree tour. This is a very special concert that will be held in Dublin on July 22nd, because exactly 30 years ago on this date they performed at the same venue. You can therefore expect U2 to perform all the songs from the original Joshua Tree album. You can in other words expect this concert in Dublin to be a real firework, and maybe the highlight of the entire U2 tour in 2017.

If you want tickets then you can buy them using the link above. If you would rather do something else, then you can read more about other recommended programs and activities in Dublin here in our Dublin Guide! After the concert in Dublin U2 will move on to Paris where they will perform three days later. You can read more about the concert in Paris and about the city of Paris at

If you want to buy the Joshue Tree music from the original album then you can do so in the different Amazon stores. The cheapest Amazon store might be the one in Germany, and now you can even visit the German Amazon store in English. Press the link for more information on how that can be done!

Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin

2016 will be a fantastic concert year in Dublin and in there will be two Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin? Want to be there? Bruce Springsteen tickets and more!

Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin
Do not miss out on Bruce Springsteen and his two concerts in Dublin!

Croke Park is the place on May 27th and May 29th are the dates for the Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin. They are among the hottest concerts to be arranged in Dublin in 2016, maybe together with the Beyonce concerts and the Justin Bieber concert. Not only are the Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin among the coolest concerts in Dublin in 2016, they are for sure among the most expensive concerts as well. Some people have complained about the Bruce Springsteen ticket prices, but if you really want to hear him, you will have to pay.

To buy tickets for the Bruce Springsteen concerts in Dublin or maybe one of his other concerts all across Europe in cities like London, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona and more, visit WorldTicketShop.

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We wish you a very pleasant stay in Dublin and hope you will enjoy one or both of the Bruce Springsteen concerts. If you have time left, make sure to join in on a pub crawl, visit the Guinness Storehouse and read about and take a look at all the cool attractions in Dublin while in town.

Garth Brooks Dublin concerts 2014

There will be five Garth Brooks concerts in Dublin on Croke Park in June 2014. This is an amazing venue with space for 80,000 people and on every evening there will be a concert starting at 18.00.

Garth Brooks will perform on June 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th so check out one of these amazing events if you want to be at the biggest and most popular concert series in Dublin in 2014. Imagine that while One Direction only has three concerts at the Croke Park, Garth Brooks will perform five times.

If you want to be there at one of the Garth Brooks concerts in Dublin, then book your tickets online today!

Garth Brooks Dublin

Garth Brooks Dublin concerts 2014

June 25th-29th
Croke Park