Dublin Fringe Festival

The Dublin Fringe Festival is an annual, multidisciplinary arts festival in Dublin. Here you can meet a wide range of innovative and unconventional performances, including theater, dance, music, and visual arts, from both local and international artists.

Dublin is known for its avant-garde and experimental nature, often pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic forms. This festival provides a platform for emerging and established artists to present their work to a diverse and adventurous audience. The Dublin Fringe Festival typically takes place in September and offers a vibrant and eclectic mix of artistic experiences.

Many programs are family-friendly during the festival, but other events contain nudity and scenes that might not be suitable for children. In other words, do some research before your arrival to find the program suitable for you and those you and those you travel together with.

Dublin Fringe Festival 2024

Dates: September 7 – 22
Location: All around Dublin

You can find more information about the Dublin Fringe Festival and the exact program at https://www.fringefest.com/.

Have you ever wondered what the word “fringe” is all about? The word has several meanings, but they are often related to unconventional art, diversity, and accessibility. In other words, untraditional art and diversity in a very accessible way. Does that sound like something you like? Visit the Dublin Fringe Festival and experience it yourself!

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Dublin Fringe Festival 2018

In the period between September 8th and September 23rd, the annual Fringe Festival will be arranged in Dublin. Are you a fan of culture, art, and discovering talent, the Fringe Festival might be something for you.

Every year there are Fringe Festivals arranged all across the world. In Dublin, the festival brings more than 30,000 people to the city, and every year they see performances and groups they have never seen before. After all, that is often what a fringe festival is about.

Few people go to the theatres, and tickets for such well-known theaters can be very expensive. At the fringe festival, smaller theater groups and artists get the chance to bring their work and acts out to a greater audience. This is a fantastic opportunity, not only for the artists but also for the audience to see and demystify the world of actors and theaters.

You can see these girls as well during the Fringe Festival in Dublin.
You can see these girls as well during the Fringe Festival in Dublin. Source

A Fringe festival definition

“Fringe festivals are all about providing an accessible avenue for independent theatre artists to produce and perform their work in front of an audience. The Fringe is really the essence of theatre; virtually anybody can submit a show to the Fringe and the festivals place no limits on content so shows can be bold, raw and uncensored.” (source: Huffington Post)

Dublin Fridge Festival 2018

It will be held between September 8th and September 23rd. Some of the topics that will be covered during the festival are Cabaret, Circus, Club, Comedy, Dance, Gig, Installation, Live Art & Visual Art, Music, Party, Radio, Spoken Word, Talks, Theatre, Young, and Radicals.

You can read more about the actual artists and program for the festival at the official website of the festival.

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