Lady GaGa Dublin 2014

Lady GaGa will tour Europe in the autumn of 2014, and in October one of her stops will be made in Dublin.

Lady GaGa will perform in the O2 Dublin on October 17th, the concert starting at 20.00. It is quite interesting to see this though that while other artists such as Garth Brooks and One Direction needs to use the Croke Park with space for about 80,000 people (and they fill it several evenings in a row), Lady GaGa will “only” perform in the O2 Dublin with space for some 10,000 spectators. But, let us be true to the fact that an outdoor concert in Dublin in October can be disastrous with the chance of rain being record high. So, the only likely venue for such a Lady GaGa concert is then the super popular O2 Dublin arena.

If you want to be there at the Lady GaGa concert in Dublin, then you better hurry up and buy your concert tickets as soon as possible!

Lady GaGa Dublin

Lady GaGa Dublin 2014

O2 Dublin
October 17th, 20.00