Oktoberfest in Dublin

The original and authentic Oktoberfest will come from Germany to Dublin giving the Irish people the chance to experience a real German beer festival. The initial Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Germany. At the 24 authentic Oktoberfest in Dublin will be a lot of German fun, entertainment, food and Bavarian beers.


For the festival more than 30 German specialty food producers and traders will come to Dublin. During the Oktoberfest visitors will have plenty of food and beers to try at the market. There will be all kind of German traditional specialties such as the best Bavarian beers, sausages, meat, pastries, Käsespätzle which is cheese noodles, ginger bread hearts and mountain cheese.

At the festival along side all the traditional German food, visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the original and authentic Bavarian style wheat beer. The Oktoberfest offers many other activities for the guests such as learn to sing a yodli or learn how to dance polka. The festival is an 18 days long event where Die Alpen-show will be played by the traditional Bavarian musicians. The festival takes place from 18th September until 5th October in Dublin, on Georges Dock. The entrance for the festival is for free.

If zou think this sounds fun, check it out. If you want to join in on more fun, why not go on a pub crawl in Dublin as well?

Bram Stoker Festival in Dublin

Bram StokerThe Bram Stoker Festival is a 4 days long festival in Dublin. It has been the third annual festival when Dublin will go gothic for a few days.

The festival is inspired and based on the famous Dublin horror novelist Bram Stoker and his famous novel and character Dracula. The festival includes a range of events such as the gothic ball where the performances will take place at unusual places, along with movies and literary events and many other programs the festival can offer to choose from. The festival is organized by the Dublin City Council.

This year the festival tries to awakening the gothic that sleeps in the heart of Dublin. Last year the festival was visited by more than 20 000 people. The event guarantee everyone a wickedly good fun for the weekend. The Bram Stoker Festival promises to bring the magical and mysterious world of Bram Stoker and tries to bring this atmosphere in the streets of Dublin, returning with its devilish trademark of arts, literature and drama. This event is perfect for every thrill seekers of all age. The festival is from 24th October on Friday through Monday 27th October 2014. The entrance fee for the festival is free.

If you want to get more information on the festival, visit the official site and book your Dublin holiday now. If you look for a nice hotel for your stay in Dublin, read this article.

Lady GaGa Dublin 2014

Lady GaGa will tour Europe in the autumn of 2014, and in October one of her stops will be made in Dublin.

Lady GaGa will perform in the O2 Dublin on October 17th, the concert starting at 20.00. It is quite interesting to see this though that while other artists such as Garth Brooks and One Direction needs to use the Croke Park with space for about 80,000 people (and they fill it several evenings in a row), Lady GaGa will “only” perform in the O2 Dublin with space for some 10,000 spectators. But, let us be true to the fact that an outdoor concert in Dublin in October can be disastrous with the chance of rain being record high. So, the only likely venue for such a Lady GaGa concert is then the super popular O2 Dublin arena.

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Lady GaGa Dublin

Lady GaGa Dublin 2014

O2 Dublin
October 17th, 20.00