Oktoberfest in Dublin

The original and authentic Oktoberfest will come from Germany to Dublin giving the Irish people the chance to experience a real German beer festival. The initial Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Germany. At the 24 authentic Oktoberfest in Dublin will be a lot of German fun, entertainment, food and Bavarian beers.


For the festival more than 30 German specialty food producers and traders will come to Dublin. During the Oktoberfest visitors will have plenty of food and beers to try at the market. There will be all kind of German traditional specialties such as the best Bavarian beers, sausages, meat, pastries, Käsespätzle which is cheese noodles, ginger bread hearts and mountain cheese.

At the festival along side all the traditional German food, visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the original and authentic Bavarian style wheat beer. The Oktoberfest offers many other activities for the guests such as learn to sing a yodli or learn how to dance polka. The festival is an 18 days long event where Die Alpen-show will be played by the traditional Bavarian musicians. The festival takes place from 18th September until 5th October in Dublin, on Georges Dock. The entrance for the festival is for free.

If zou think this sounds fun, check it out. If you want to join in on more fun, why not go on a pub crawl in Dublin as well?