Are you coming to Dublin in April? Useful suggestions and information!

April is a fantastic month for traveling. As we say goodbye to the cold winter, we order cheap plane tickets and go away for some days to explore a new city. Are you coming to Dublin in April? This article gives useful information about what to do in Dublin in April and what kind of weather you can expect.

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is a vibrant metropolis with an interesting history. The city was founded by Vikings over a thousand years ago and it has since then evolved into a dynamic hub with happy locals, known for their hospitality.

What is the weather like in April?

As you travel to Dublin in April, you should expect frequent rain showers and cool temperatures (this is true for most of the year). Even though the daytime temperatures can reach 15-20 Celsius, you shouldn’t be surprised if you are hit by sudden rain and a lot of wind. Our best advice is to check the weather forecast before you travel and even though it promises you sun and beautiful temperatures, you should bring some water resistant clothes.

Some cool activities in and around Dublin in April.

Walk around and drink a beer in the Temple Bar District.
No visit to Dublin is complete without sampling the vibrant pub scene, especially in the lively Temple Bar area. Spend an evening hopping between traditional Irish pubs, enjoying live music, hearty pub grub, and the company of friendly locals. Temple Bar is renowned for its lively atmosphere, making it the perfect place to immerse yourself in Dublin’s rich cultural heritage.

temple bar district in dublin

Visit the beautiful Phoenix Park.
On a sunny day, take advantage of Dublin’s green spaces and head to Phoenix Park, one of Europe’s largest urban parks. Stroll along its tree-lined avenues, admire the scenic landscapes, and perhaps enjoy a picnic. With lots of space where you can relax, Phoenix Park offers a peaceful retreat from the stress of the city.

phoenix park in dublin

River Boat Trip:
Doesn’t it sound fantastic to explore Dublin from a different perspective? If that sounds tempting to you, buy a ticket for a boat trip on the River Liffey. On such a trip you can admire the city’s iconic landmarks, such as the Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin Castle, and the Samuel Beckett Bridge. There are all sorts of boat trips available, so if you want to combine a boat trip with dinner, then that is a good option. Would you rather learn more about the city? Buy tickets for a boat trip with an audio-guide or a live guide!

river cruise in Dublin

Upcoming Events:
Are you eager to discover Dublin and find out what’s going on in the city? Take a look at our Dublin calendar for information on upcoming concerts, exhibitions, and festivals. There you can read about concerts, art exhibitions, food festivals, and much more. There is always something exciting happening in the city. We haven’t written about all events in Dublin, but it is smart to look at it for one minute or two, just in case there is something special going on in Dublin while you are there.

While in Dublin in April, consider taking a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland’s most iconic natural attractions. As you visit this fantastic location, you will be amazed as you look at the rugged cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean. Several tour operators offer day trips from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher, so the best way to visit this location on a day-trip from Dublin is by joining an organized trip from Dublin.

cliffs of moher in ireland

More information before you visit Dublin.

Would you like to learn even more about Dublin and what to expect before you come to Ireland? You can read more about the most famous attractions in Dublin here in our guide. Are you looking for information about how to travel from Dublin airport to the city center? There is lots of information in our Dublin Guide, so get yourself a cup of coffee, a pen, and a notebook, and start planning your upcoming trip!

New river cruises in Dublin

Dubin Duck tour

For a long time, there have not been too many tours available for those wanting to enjoy some hours on the River Liffey in Dublin. Luckily this is changing, and we can now present two new available tours for you as a tourist coming to Dublin wanting to spend some time on the River Liffey.

If you come with your family, then maybe the Duck tour is for you. Here you can enjoy riding with an amphibian boat/car, and you will enjoy the ride both on the road and in the water. You can see Dublin Castle, St. Patricks Cathedral, and other sights along the way, and you will even were a helmet! Sounds cool? Or stupid? More information about the trip can be found here.

If you feel hungry instead and would like to enjoy a three-course dinner on the River Liffey, then take a ride with Guinness Canal Barge MV Cadhla. This is a copy of the boats originally transporting Guinness on the river in the 1920s, and today you can enjoy dinner onboard the boat. A licensed guide will also be there to give you useful information, and if you want to buy something to drink onboard, you can do so as well. Sounds fun? Read more about this river cruise in Dublin here.