Erection in the Intersection and other cool stuff in Dublin!

Are you coming to Dublin for the first time? Are you looking for ideas on what to discover, what to see and what to do?

There are lots of information on such topics on the Internet, including our Dublin Guide which you are visiting right now. Here you can read about some of the most famous attractions in the city, you can find out more about how to take part in a pub crawl, and how to visit the Guinness Storehouse.

Discover Dublin
Discover the beautiful city of Dublin – Source: Pixabay

But, there are other sources available online as well, and recently we discovered a very good article on Steemit discussing what to do in Dublin. In the article, you can see some great pictures of the city, and read a lot about programs and activities. The article also contains some historical data and other interesting information.

Did you know that there is an attraction in Dublin that is titled “Erection at the Intersection” by the locals? And did you know that there is an attraction that will bring you luck if you touch its breasts?

There are lots of stuff worth experiencing and seeing in Dublin. Look around in our Dublin Guide for further inspiration, or check the article referred to earlier!


Buy some cheap coffee and tea while in Dublin

Most people who come to Dublin and to Ireland come to drink fabulous Irish coffee, drink beer and of course to visit the Guinness factory or to drink a whole lot of Guinness.

But, there might be some thing that you do not know, but which can actually come in very handy while in Ireland, and that is the fact that the VAT in Ireland for tea and coffee at the moment is 0%, meaning that you can get hold of products at very cheap prices, much cheaper than elsewhere. That is also true when ordering tea and coffee online, because the VAT as you bring it to Ireland is 0%, compared to a nation like Norway where the VAT is 25% and to Hungary where the VAT is 27% on similar products.

One example of this is if you are planning on ordering coffee and tea products from Organo Gold, a MLM company known for very healthy tea and coffee infused with the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom. This is quite expensive, but bringing it to Ireland is still much cheaper than having it delivered to other nations in Europe where the VAT for coffee and tea is much more expensive.

You might not experience the big difference in prices as you simply go into a grocery store (though maybe a bit), but on more expensive brands of tea and coffee this is in fact something that you can experience also on your wallet, so do not forget to order some OG tea and coffee to your hotel or apartment in Dublin and bring it with you home after your visit to the city. If you want some recommendations on the most healthy tea and coffee you can order like this, read the following article.

But, now it is just before Christmas, and at the Christmas fairs in Dublin you will probably not be so interested in coffee, but instead you will drink a whole lot of hot wine and maybe some more Guinness. Anyway, enjoy Dublin and do not forget that you can read more about what’s happening in Dublin here in our Dublin Guide, and you can also find information about the most famous attractions in Dublin right here!

The most romantic places in Dublin

The capital city of Ireland, Dublin gives home to some really beautiful and romantic places so in this short article we will introduce you to some of the nicest spots in the city which you can visit on a romantic trip with your better half.

The first one of our list is the St. Stephen’s Green which is an urban park in the middle of the city. The park is a perfect place for a romantic walk or a picnic. The St. Stephen’s Green is a really popular place to go especially in the summer and in the spring when the flowers in the park are blooming. The park has benches and even a lake and a special garden dedicated to Irish poet W.B.Yeats.

Most Romantic in Dublin

The second place we recommend to visit is the Horseshoe Bar which is one of the most popular and known bars in Dublin. The pub was named after its shape which is a horseshoe. The Horseshoe Bar is located at Shelbourne Hotel.

The National Gallery of Ireland is the perfect spot for a romantic date if you are both into art. The National Gallery of Ireland gives home to several collections of the Irish and European art from the 14th to 20th centuries. To top this the entrance fee for the museum is free.

Romantic places in Budapest

Temple Bar Area is an absolutely must visit place if you are in Dublin. It is located in the heart of the city where countless bars, pubs and restaurants can be found. What can it be more perfect and romantic than discovering the nicest restaurants and pubs with your loved one?! This area in the city gives home to several cultural institutions as well as numerous art galleries, restaurants and pubs but mostly this district of the city comes alive in the evening and at night.

Apart from these places in the city there are hundreds and thousands of other spots to visit so if you want to know more on Dublin check the following site for more useful information.

Irish Angling Show 2015

The annual Irish Angling Show will be back again in the end of February in 2015. This is the largest and most popular angling festival in the life of the whole country which takes place in the capital city of Ireland in Dublin.

Irish Angling Show 2015
Irish Angling Show 2015

Through the years the event grew itself out to one of the largest festivals and nowadays it is the primary angling festival in the entire country. During the two days long festival visitors will have the chance to get to know everything that has to do anything with angling. The festival will bring together all kind of types and forms of angling and at the festival over 70 exhibitors will be presented.

It is definitely a family friendly event with countless various programs such as the “Battle of the Anglers”. For the really first time at the Irish Angling Show three teams (Team Coarse, Team Sea and Team Game) go against each other showing their skills and knowledge of this sport. The exact programs of the festival in 2015 has not been announced yet.

This year the Irish Angling Show will take place in Dublin at the National Show Centre on Saturday 21st February from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening and on Sunday 22nd February from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

National Show Centre
14 Harold’s Cross Rd, Dublin, Ireland

For more information about things going on in Dublin, visit our Dublin programs overview.