Buy some cheap coffee and tea while in Dublin

Most people who come to Dublin and to Ireland come to drink fabulous Irish coffee, drink beer and of course to visit the Guinness factory or to drink a whole lot of Guinness.

But, there might be some thing that you do not know, but which can actually come in very handy while in Ireland, and that is the fact that the VAT in Ireland for tea and coffee at the moment is 0%, meaning that you can get hold of products at very cheap prices, much cheaper than elsewhere. That is also true when ordering tea and coffee online, because the VAT as you bring it to Ireland is 0%, compared to a nation like Norway where the VAT is 25% and to Hungary where the VAT is 27% on similar products.

One example of this is if you are planning on ordering coffee and tea products from Organo Gold, a MLM company known for very healthy tea and coffee infused with the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom. This is quite expensive, but bringing it to Ireland is still much cheaper than having it delivered to other nations in Europe where the VAT for coffee and tea is much more expensive.

You might not experience the big difference in prices as you simply go into a grocery store (though maybe a bit), but on more expensive brands of tea and coffee this is in fact something that you can experience also on your wallet, so do not forget to order some OG tea and coffee to your hotel or apartment in Dublin and bring it with you home after your visit to the city. If you want some recommendations on the most healthy tea and coffee you can order like this, read the following article.

But, now it is just before Christmas, and at the Christmas fairs in Dublin you will probably not be so interested in coffee, but instead you will drink a whole lot of hot wine and maybe some more Guinness. Anyway, enjoy Dublin and do not forget that you can read more about what’s happening in Dublin here in our Dublin Guide, and you can also find information about the most famous attractions in Dublin right here!

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