Christmas presents to buy in Dublin

Christmas is almost here again and it is the time of the year when everyone is looking for the best gifts for Christmas. Usually it is not the easiest task to complete and it needs some creativity and knowledge to make the best out of your Christmas presents. What are the best presents you can get during a holiday in Dublin?

In this article we will answer this question so just keep on reading. Of course there are plenty of shops and stores all around in Dublin and there is also a possibility to get your presents at one of the Christmas markets in the city as well.

Buy a hat for Christmas
Buy a hat for Christmas

At the Christmas markets you can find all the most handy and unique gifts for your loved ones. At the market the various toys for children, knitted hats, gloves and scarfs in different colours, countless glass works such as glasses, plates, vases and bowls, steel works, wooden accessories for the kitchen, crafted chess set, leather bags and handbags can be found. Apart from this you can get your presents from some of the local stores as well.

Dublin is full of with souvenir shops where you can buy some funny Irish souvenirs for your loved ones. At the stores they also sell different clothes such as jumpers, hoodies, knitted pullovers, shirts and T-shirts and apart from the clothes you can also buy accessories such as hats, caps, scarfs, gloves, but they also sell mugs, magnets, different chocolates with various fillings (Guinness Milk Chocolate Bar, Baileys Truffle Bar, Kate Kearney Irish Whiskey Chocolate Bar, Guinness Milk Chocolate & Caramel Bar etc.), jams and marmalades, different Irish teas and hot chocolate, various crystal glasses, bowls, plates and jewellery as well. The list is long but we hope we could give you some tips for the ideal Christmas gifts to get in Dublin.

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Where and what to shop in Dublin?

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. Dublin over the years got really popular and more and more tourists visit the city and Ireland every year. In Dublin there are plenty of programs and activities to do and there are countless different museums, historical buildings, various festivals and markets, Irish pubs, restaurants and bars.

Apart from the Irish pubs and the sightseeing in the city there are some really nice shops and shopping centres worth a look while you are on a holiday. So in this article we will list some of the nicest stores in Dublin.

The main shopping areas in Dublin are Grafton St and Henry St and they are located really close to each other only a few minutes on foot. Grafton St used to be the high class area of the city with the designer and luxury stores and Henry St used to be the more affordable shopping area of the city.

Arnotts is a department store in the centre of Dublin. In Arnotts there are a wide range of various clothing stores for woman and man and you can also find a wide selection of cosmetics and all kind of stores from shoe to luggage. It was renovated a few years ago and it is a really busy and it is an always crowded place in the city.

Temple Bar is one of the most popular spots in the city and it is always crowded and full of with people. This area of the city is probably on of the most visited ones in Dublin. In the area there are plenty of traditional Irish pubs, restaurants and shops. Temple Bar also gives home to one of the best known markets in the city. The market is open on every Saturday morning.

Aunty Nellie's Sweet Shop
Aunty Nellie’s Sweet Shop

The Italian Food Gallery is an Italian store in Dublin. At the Italian Food Gallery you can buy traditional Italian products. The store offers a wide range of Italian food products, bread, spirit and traditional Italian coffee as well. It is a really unique shop in the city where you can find all the best quality Italian foods for a good and fair price. The service at the store is friendly and helpful.

Aunty Nellie’s Sweet Shop is a nice store in the heart of Dublin. The store is located at the Temple Bar area. The Aunty Nellie’s Sweet Shop offers a wide range of various sweets and all kind of chocolates. At the store you can buy all kind of candies and chocolates and it is the best place to buy some sweets for friends and family as well.

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